Precision Design Group's Managing Partner Ben Christy will be a guest speaker for manufacturing workshop.


As a newcomer to the apparel industry, sourcing a good manufacturer can be a significant obstacle.

Many fashion entrepreneurs find themselves feeling lots of frustration when it comes time to sourcing a factory.

Finding one is difficult and reviewing factories and contractors can be very exhausting. Next to selling the products, choosing a factory is the hardest decision you will make.

But remember, building a successful, long lasting relationship takes time.

This workshop is for emerging designers and brands who are looking for factories to produce their clothing line.

In this session Glynis will cover:

  •  How to find small run manufacturers
  •  What to look for in your manufacturing partner
  •  Types of Manufacturing Environments
  •  How to prepare for production
  •  Packaging & Shipping your products

We’ll also cover the pros and cons of domestic vs offshore manufacturing.  

You'll have a chance to ask questions and connect with me during the session.

Spaces limited. Register your spot today!