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Pre-Purchase a 100% Made in Canada T-Shirt to Keep Local Garment Manufacturing Alive

Pre-Order your Shirt

Be part of our t-shirt pre-sale and rally behind our BC-based garment factory against the pressing threat of soaring real estate expenses. Our imminent 74% rent hike, insisted upon by our landlord at lease renewal is forcing our 30+ year-old business to relocate.

Your purchase of these Canadian-made t-shirts, produced solely with Canadian materials, directly aids us in overcoming the financial hurdles of transitioning to a new location. This secures our enduring role in the local fashion community.

Crafted in Canada with attention to the finest details.

Every component of this shirt is crafted in Canada, right down to the very thread we employ.

Inherently Anti-Chafe

Using state of the art flatlock stitching, move free without any seam chafing.

Sustain Employment for Skilled Garment Workers in Canada

We boast some of the best workers imaginable. Let's ensure their continued employment.

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All 100% Canadian owned and Operated