NFT Your Products for the Metaverse

Discover a new, reoccurring revenue stream for your business

We are Canada's very first garment factory to offer clients the ability to not only create physical versisions of their garments, but we can set them up for sale in the metaverse as well.

Bring your existing products into Web3 without lifting a finger

See what we did for our clients Sevin Kasran

Your designs, your property

Compared to other digital fashion brands, we strongly believe in your inherent right to own your IP. Say goodbye to lousy 10-30% commissions for your hard earned work.

From pattern to Wearable

We are able to use your very own garment patterns to build your wearable for the Metaverse.

Set your price and rarity

The world is your oyster when determining how much you want to charge for your wearable, and how rare it is in the Metaverse. One of one? No problem!


We are capable of building avatars for VR Chat, Sandbox, and DressX*

Note: Additional fees may apply

Platforms we can design for

Our current plans cater to Decentraland, but we are able to design for other platforms as well.

Note: Project pricing is based on market value of MANA token for Decentraland projects